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Mulligan’s Island

The weather in Rhode Island was perfect Wednesday. It wasn’t too hot, the sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze. Us locals know that days like that don’t along very often. Mother Nature is always keeping us on our toes. I couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful day. Seeking an outdoor adventure, my boyfriend and I headed to Mulligan’s Island golf course.

Mulligan’s Island is the best mini golf location in Rhode Island. It can be found sitting on a 64 acre complex in the city of Cranston. Mini golf is the main attraction, but they also offer many other golf related activities such as a driving range and a golf academy. There were two mini golf trails to chose from, but I made sure to pick the one that traveled by the volcano.


Approaching each hole we were greeted by a sign that indicated the expected par of each hole as well as a map to route the balls. I believe we only successfully shot one out of eighteen holes within the par suggestions. Whoops. Each hole provided a adventure. Some had varying hills and dips to over come, and some had multiple holes and ground levels. Myself, I am not that great at golf, or any sports for that matter. Trust me, you don’t need to a pro to have fun here.

So, let’s get back to this volcano. I’d say this was my favorite part! The volcano at Mulligan’s is pretty epic. This beast of a volcano even makes it’s presence known by offering views to travelers on the main road. A steady flow of water rushes down it’s rough sides. Tiny splashes of water hit against our legs as we made our way around it’s glory. The best part was the occasional bursts of fire that erupted from the top, leaving our exposed skin with a flash of heat. The sound of the fire making it’s statement was strong, and definitely added to the theatrics of the prop.


Now, I can’t give all the credit to the volcano. There was plenty of other neat things to observe. The course we chose had plenty of streaming water, a mini wrecked ship, and a rustic treehouse.  All of the landscape was handsomely manicured and a pleasure to indulge in. I defiantly want to go back and see what the other course has to offer. I am also eager to try out the batting cages.


If you are looking a date night or family friendly outing, I’d def suggest Mulligan’s Island. You can find a a full list of what they offer on their website, as well as hours and rates. They even offer beers inside their little snack shop. So, you can sip on a cold one while you enjoy your time putting.