Hi! We are Tamra & Meghan, two Rhode Islander’s who met a year ago and have become great friends.

Tamra is 29 years old, a city girl, a proud momma of two cats, works in the finance department of a hospital, and is finishing up her senior year in college majoring in Criminal Justice.

Meghan is 31 years old, dreams of someday living on a farm with all the farm animals. She is a dog mom, works as a cake decorator, and is also finishing up her senior year in college majoring in Fashion Design.


As you can see, we are two very different people who come from different cultural backgrounds, but it is our love for food and animals that brought us together. We also share a passion for blogging, photography, travel, adventures, exploration, and new experiences.

We wanted to do something fun where we could also share our experiences with others through photography and blogging which is what led us to this. Although we live in the smallest state in our country, we know that it is a state full of big experiences. We’ve both lived in many cities within the state including Providence, Johnston, Scituate, West Warwick, North Providence, Smithfield, Cranston, Wakefield, Coventry, and Riverside.

Rhode Island is a very diverse state and offers something for everyone; whether you are someone like Tamra who prefers the hustle and bustle of the city or someone like Meghan who enjoys the quiet, outdoor farm life. The best part is, with it being the smallest state, nothing is ever too far of a drive to get to.

Our goal is to take you along on our journey as we explore some of Rhode Island’s main attractions, events, and hidden gems. We will give you an inside look of where the locals go to experience all that this little state has to offer.