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Mulligan’s Island

The weather in Rhode Island was perfect Wednesday. It wasn’t too hot, the sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze. Us locals know that days like that don’t along very often. Mother Nature is always keeping us on our toes. I couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful day. Seeking an outdoor adventure, my boyfriend and I headed to Mulligan’s Island golf course.

Mulligan’s Island is the best mini golf location in Rhode Island. It can be found sitting on a 64 acre complex in the city of Cranston. Mini golf is the main attraction, but they also offer many other golf related activities such as a driving range and a golf academy. There were two mini golf trails to chose from, but I made sure to pick the one that traveled by the volcano.


Approaching each hole we were greeted by a sign that indicated the expected par of each hole as well as a map to route the balls. I believe we only successfully shot one out of eighteen holes within the par suggestions. Whoops. Each hole provided a adventure. Some had varying hills and dips to over come, and some had multiple holes and ground levels. Myself, I am not that great at golf, or any sports for that matter. Trust me, you don’t need to a pro to have fun here.

So, let’s get back to this volcano. I’d say this was my favorite part! The volcano at Mulligan’s is pretty epic. This beast of a volcano even makes it’s presence known by offering views to travelers on the main road. A steady flow of water rushes down it’s rough sides. Tiny splashes of water hit against our legs as we made our way around it’s glory. The best part was the occasional bursts of fire that erupted from the top, leaving our exposed skin with a flash of heat. The sound of the fire making it’s statement was strong, and definitely added to the theatrics of the prop.


Now, I can’t give all the credit to the volcano. There was plenty of other neat things to observe. The course we chose had plenty of streaming water, a mini wrecked ship, and a rustic treehouse.  All of the landscape was handsomely manicured and a pleasure to indulge in. I defiantly want to go back and see what the other course has to offer. I am also eager to try out the batting cages.


If you are looking a date night or family friendly outing, I’d def suggest Mulligan’s Island. You can find a a full list of what they offer on their website, as well as hours and rates. They even offer beers inside their little snack shop. So, you can sip on a cold one while you enjoy your time putting.



Hiking Trails · Smithfield

Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge – Audobon Society of Rhode Island

It was a Saturday evening in June with just a couple hours of sunlight left. Both my husband and I were bored at home trying to think of places to go and take pictures with the new DSLR camera I had just gotten for my birthday a few days before. Lately, we’ve had an interest in hiking trails and I’ve had a fascination with photographing wildlife so we decided to find a nearby trail to explore.

We used to live in Smithfield, where we often drove by a Wildlife Refuge owned by the Audobon Society of Rhode Island. Even though we lived in Smithfield for a few years, we never cared to explore that place. It was my husband, Paul, who suggested we go there since it isn’t too far from where we live and we’d still make it on time to have a little more than an hour left of sunlight for photography. I was hesitant at first because it is a trail that is very close to a large and busy shopping center. I thought how much wildlife could there really be on a trail that is on a main road with a large intersection and stores all around? Well, I ended up going along with his choice this time knowing that I’d get to pick the next trail we go on (when we will have much more time to spare) 😉

When we arrived, there were plenty of parking spots in the large lot since there were only two other cars there. DSC_0054There was a visitor’s center nearby, however, it was closed since it was later in the evening. The hiking trails were clearly marked and easy to follow. We picked a trail and began to walk on it. It wasn’t long into our hike, when we saw the back of an animal sitting right in the middle of the path. We weren’t sure what it was at first until we got closer and realized it was a wild turkey. I immediately got my camera out and started shooting pictures. I’ve seen wild turkeys before, but never this close so this was exciting for me. As we got closer, we saw two baby turkeys sneak out from underneath their mother. I couldn’t believe it! They were so cute and tiny.

At this point, I must’ve already snapped about 50 pictures of the same image (I wanted to make certain that this was being captured). Once the mother realized we weren’t a threat, she began to stand up, and to our amazement, there were more babies! DSC_0883They were all hiding underneath her. We counted eleven baby turkeys in total. I couldn’t believe she was able to hide that many babies.  IMG_1511They all followed behind their mother as she walked along. I was thrilled at this photo opportunity. We both sat there on the grass and watched them as they walked off into the woods.


After this experience, I was already satisfied with the trail and the pictures I had gotten and was ready to go home, but Paul insisted we finish the trail so we did. I’m glad we continued because I was able to take some great nature pictures along the way. I mentally made a note to myself to come back here another time to do a photo shoot as there were many places on this trail that would make for a great backdrop!

Overall, this trail was a lovely experience for both of us.  The trails are also relatively short and easy for the beginning hiker. It is a great place to take pictures of wildlife. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to see baby turkeys like we were, you will likely find some interesting birds to photograph. We saw many bird feeders and some pretty birds that were feeding on them.

We look forward to having more hiking adventures on other wildlife refuges owned by the Audobon Society of Rhode Island. Click here for a complete list of all their wildlife refuges.

One last note to those visiting this trail or any hiking trail, wear bug spray! We made the mistake of not doing that and came home to find lots of bug bites on our bodies.


Art · Providence

Muse Paint Bar



Tamra and I met in May of 2016 where our friendship was instant. We share many interests and are constantly in touch. One thing we both have in common is our love for our pets. So, what better way to celebrate one year of an awesome friendship than by painting our little guys at Muse paint bar in Providence. It would be a very suiting first blog post!

My first impression of Muse was love at first sight. There wasn’t an inch of the place that wasn’t covered in paint. If there is one thing I’m good at it would be making a mess. There were many tables and tons of space for large classes. Some tables were prepped for standing and some for sitting. Each spot was set with 5 different brushes, and an array of paint colors, paper towels, and water. Canvases were started with a loose sketch of all the pets that were to be painted. The animals varied from cats and dogs to horses and butterflies.

This particular class was taught a little differently than other paint classes I’ve attended in the past. The instructors were helpful and knowledgeable. The class was taught in a less structured format due to the varying images being painted. When guests are all painting the same portrait there’s more instruction per step. The pet painting class was about three hours in length and I still didn’t have time to finish my fur child.


Other things to know about Muse would include parking, food, and drinks. Although they don’t have their own parking lot, there is an hourly lot across the street as well as metered street parking (free on Sundays). Muse had a small menu for food that clearly marked which items were vegetarian or vegan and which weren’t. They offered a variety of booze too! If you are looking to find out more info, they have a calendar on their website. Their calendar shows what step by step paintings they offer as well as the more freestyle ones like we did.

Check out the pics of our lovely pets we painted. Tamra painted a picture of her handsome cat, Parker. Tamra adopted Parker and his sister Allie about five years ago. Parker is quite the Mama’s boy and they are very attached to one another. I adopted Obi about 2 1/2 years ago. He can be quite the trouble maker, but I can’t picture life without him. He has the softest ears and his feet smell delicious.


The night was a blast and I’d highly recommend it there. It’s perfect for a date, going out with a few friends, or even for larger, private events like a bachelorette party. The best part is you get to hang your artwork up at home, and remember the experience forever!



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